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For faster processing, some brands work with a direct service. We therefore recommend that you use this service with these brands, as they significantly reduce the processing speed. For other brands, we ask you to fill in the form below.

CARRERA (click here)

KENWOOD (click here)
PHILIPS (click here)
PIONEER (click here)

Please note when filling out the form below:

- Investigation costs will be added if RMA’s are shipped to us without proper complains.
- By using our service, there is a possible additional costs if the fault is found on the case
- Damage by fall or misuse is not covered by our service, extra costs will be added for your own bill before we ship back the products
- Water damage is not covered, extra costs will be added and the product will be returned without warranty, without the problem being solved – water is very bad for electronics, we cannot cover these damages.
- No proper complain or fault given, could possibly give you additional costs when sending us the RMA
- Always test your product carefully first.
- If you have any questions or doubts whether you want to return it for repair, call: 0251-222929
- Repairs generally take between two and four weeks.

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