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JBL Club 602CTP


Club coaxial and component speakers bring JBL pro sound to more vehicles.
Their compact design means they’ll fit into more vehicles than many of our
competitors, and their high sensitivity delivers outstanding performance even
with modestly-powered factory systems. Rugged polypropylene cones with the
Plus One™ design deliver hard-hitting bass and long performance life. Edge-driven silk dome tweeters deliver broader and smoother high frequency response, neverharsh regardless of output level. Starfish™ Tweeter Mounting Adapter and I-Mount
Tweeter Mounting Kit in component speaker system for easy installation.

Plus One™ Woofer Cone Architecture
Edge-driven Silk Dome Tweeter
Specified Shallow Design for More Mounting
Adjustable Tweeter Output Level
Acoustically Damped, UV-Resistant Polypropylene
Bigger Magnet, Bigger Power Handling
Special Tweeter Pod Design for Acoustic Adjustment
on Different Listening Position
Starfish™ Tweeter Mounting Adapter
I-Mount Tweeter Mounting Kit

Advies: € 149,99



JBL Fuse is a dual-compact passive subwoofer solution that offers multiple installation options to a broad variety of vehicles. The flexible design allows Fuse to be installed as a traditional trunk sub box, to even more non-conventional installs such as stealth & split, below a false floor. The Injection-molded enclosure finished in heavy matte black textured finish along with shallow driver and passive radiator combo minimizes size and maximizes durability in even the most esoteric install requirements – all while delivering that signature JBL bumping bass.

Features and Benefits
Versatile placement options
JBL Fuse can be either vertical dock installed under package shelf locations or installed separately underseat.

More bass, less space
JBL Fuse is compact and very shallow allowing it to be mounted in virtually any vehicle even underseat.

Tuned to rock
In order to play low with minimal power input requirements, the Fuse is loaded with a 8" subwoofer and a passive radiator.

Killer cosmetics
Great curve plastic casing and symmetrical design combine to give Fuse great looks. A strong, attractive metal grille protects the woofer cone from damage, and the flush-mount spring-loaded terminals make connecting large-gauge wire a snap.

Advies: € 279,99

JBL GT-X1200


Your GT-X1200 subwoofer has a single 4-ohm voice coil. Be sure toconsider your amplifier’s optimum load when designing a subwoofer system. Many bridgeable 2-channel amplifiers are optimized to drive a single 4-ohm subwoofer in bridged mode. If you will use multiple subwoofers, be sure to configure them to extract all the power available your amplifier.

Advies: € 79,99

Frozen II Koptelefoon FR-126V2


Koptelefoon FR-126V2

Advies: € 19,99

Frozen II Microphone FR-V068

Frozen II Microfoon

Advies: € 19,99

Frozen II Karaoke machine FR-673


Advies: € 99,99

Frozen II CD boombox FR-430V2


Advies: € 69,99

Frozen II Karaoke Microfoon FR-070


Zing mee met de leukste liedjes uit Frozen in dece microfoon van de populaire Disney film. Op de microfoon staan de ijsprinsessen en vrienden uit de film afgebeeld.

Advies: € 19,99

Frozen II Karaokeset met licht show FR-553

Bluetooth Karoaoke

Deze te gekke nieuwe FROZEN 2 karaoke set is volledig portable. De ingebouwde lichtshow bied tal van verschillende lichten om de slaapkamer van uw kind volledig tot leven te brengen.. Verbindt makkelijk met bluetooth of een Usb stick en het feest kan beginnen. De microfoon is inbegrepen.

Advies: € 69,99

Frozen II Karaoke Muziekspeler


Sluit je eigen telefoon of tablet met kabel aan via AUX MP3 en speel je eigen muziek af en zing mee met de nieuwe ingebouwde liedjes van Anna, Elsa, Olaf & Kristoff van Frozen door middel van de microfoon.

Advies: € 24,99